Sullen Choirboy


Orgasm Race

The Rules

1. All racers have headphones on so they can’t hear each other.

2. Must remain dressed until the 5 min timer goes off.

3. After 5 mins they can undress down to underwear but can only touch themselves through their underwear.

4. After 10 mins the models can do whatever they want.

5. When they orgasm, they will hold up a checkered flag.

6. No toys or vibrators.

7. Must stay on their chairs.


1st place: Aletta: 12 minutes and 6 seconds

2nd place: Fenna: 14 minutes and 40 seconds

3rd place: Nayomi: 17 minutes and 55 seconds

4th place: Analyn: 18 minutes and 16 seconds

Everyone won.